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 4 Routes plus the Family Fun Fondo Option


Brand new for 2017 is the Family Fun Fondo – a bike ride for the while family, even grandma and grandpa can join in! The Family Fun Fondo route is suitable for any style of bike, training wheels and bike trailer friendly on a fully marked, vehicle-free, paved journey along the gorgeous South Saskatchewan River Valley on the Meewassin Valley trails. Starting and finishing with all the riders of the Prairie Gran Fondo with stops along the way, it’s sure to be a great way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with your whole family!

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The Piccolo route is created solely for the recreational or beginner cyclists who wish to participate in the mass start and big group atmosphere. You will be part of the action riding with all the other fondo riders crossing the South Saskatchewan River, along Valley Road through the flood plains of the South Saskatchewan, riding adjacent to some of the most fertile lands in all of the prairies. You will travel to the first rest stop for some well-deserved refreshments. At this point you will retrace your ride which will include a stop for Saskatoon Berry Pie at the Berry Barn before your return to the Canada 150 Festival site. The Piccolo is a great ride for those looking for a pleasant countryside pedal to work up an appetite for a well-deserved celebration back at Canada’s 150th Birthday party!

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If you feel ready to “step up” beyond the Piccolo distance then the Medio Fondo is for you. Following the same route as the Piccolo riders but then extending your ride to the picturesque Pike Lake provincial park and then retracing your ride back to Valley Road with a stop at the Berry Barn for a piece of their famous Saskatoon Berry pie!

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The Gran route is a lovely and challenging ride on quiet roads. You cycle the same routes as the Piccolo and Medio riders but then extend your ride to the quintessential prairie town of Delisle. Your 113kM journey is complete with your return from the west side of the South Saskatchewan River when you arrive back at the Canada 150 Festival site to celebrate your conquest.

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What better way to celebrate Canada’s milestone birthday then riding 150 kms on Canada’s 150th! The Canada 150 route takes you deep into the agricultural landscape of the prairies riding quiet roads alongside endless fields of canola, wheat and barely. Experience the unique feeling of flying that only being on a bike in the presence of the prairie sky can bring. You will ride with your fellow fondo riders but while those without your endurance will turn back you will continue from Delisle to the town of Asquith named after Lord Asquith who at the turn too the 20th century determined that Asquith, Saskatchewan was the geographic centre of the British Empire. Regardless if Lord Asquith is correct or not Asquith is certainly well known for the world record setting White Tail Stag that was taken in 1993 sporting the largest rack ever recorded on a White Tail Deer. The serendiptiy will be evident should the prairie wind kick up and riders “Lock Horns wth the Prairie Wind”! From Asquith Canada 150 riders will turn east eventually passing through the final prairie town of Vanscoy before returning to the Canada 150 festival.

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